Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Freak Show

A musical cabaret fashion revue by a creative icon

Fashion Freak Show” tells the story of Jean Paul Gaultier’s life and career — it’s a story that’s one worth being told. Gaultier is a fashion and culture icon. He made a skirt for men and also Madonna’s famous cone bra. He was the creative director of Hermès and has his own label. He’s a trailblazer, hiring unconventional models for the runway, bending gender norms, and setting the bar for innovation and creativity in fashion. Though it’s called Fashion Freak Show, it’s actually a revue, with singing, all kinds of dancing, elaborate costumes and fashion pieces, plus video and audio elements. It’s part-concert, part-dance show, part-fashion show, part-audiovisual installation. Expect to see acrobatics and contortions, arial work and classical ballet, breakdancing and the Charleston, burlesque and vogueing (just wait until you see the dance battle). With exciting choreography by Marion Motin, a seasoned back-up dancer who has worked extensively with Madonna, every number is captivating. Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Freak Show is playing at Folies Bergère until April 21, 2019. Get your tickets here.

Image: (c) TS3 / Boby

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Freak Show

32 rue Richer
75009 Paris