Maison Maison

terrasse on the Seine

The funny thing about Maison Maison is that it’s name means “house house” but this bar isn’t in a maison at all. Maison Maison is a terrasse just below and beside Pont Neuf, in sight of the Eiffel Tower, in the Right Bank’s Parc Rives de Seine. Serving natural wines and delicious apéro (happy hour) options, Maison Maison is the perfect place to end an afternoon, meet up with friends, or start an evening with an apéro. Lunch is served as well, but you’ll find yourself paying much more than if you go for wine and small plates.

It’s a popular spot, so you may find yourself squeezed in at a community table, but the view and environment is well worth it. Young, happy, and easy-going, the crew you’ll be rubbing elbows with will certainly lift your mood. 

Maison Maison

16 Quai du Louvre
75001 Paris
+33 9 67 82 07 32