Boutique hybride à Williamsburg

With more than 600 galleries and museums, you may wonder how to find your way around New York's art havens. A guided tour of its art galleries should help you see things more clearly. Tour operators like New York Gallery Tours offer a good overview of the talents of the moment, recognized or emerging, while visiting exhibitions and even openings in the evening. From gallery to gallery, armed with a doctorate in art, your guide will introduce you to the most original and contemporary works while enlightening you on their meaning and context. Locals will find their city opening up for them after an art tour!

Paintings, sculptures, projections, photographs...creativity has no limit. No way you'll get bored!  Enjoy walking along Chelsea's charming streets. The 300 or so galleries in the area make it a must-see destination, but you can also opt for a guided tour of Soho, the Lower East Side, the Upper East Side or Midtown. Private guided tours are also offered. Enjoy!

Vous terminerez votre exploration par le bar ou le restaurant de BBQ israélien situé au dernier étage.


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