Buly is a retour aux sources for elegant beauty.

From Fraxel to Botox, blue lights to glycolic acid, modern beauty is all about science. As with all things, a look back to tradition can feel brand new, and that’s exactly what Buly brings to the Paris beauty scene.
Ramdane Touhami, the master behind Cire Trudon, and his beauty-expert wife Victoire de Taillac have revived an old officine – a luxe apothecary – on the chic rue Bonaparte.

What made Cire Trudon’s success is here as well: thick glass containers, dark wood panels, and an entrancing aroma somewhere between incense and medicinal herbs. Speaking of herbs, Buly boasts a fine selection of bulk herbs and powders for a wide range of uses: face scrubs, masks, lotions, and more. Knowledgeable staff scoops them out of large glass amphora and into apothecary-style packaging to bring home.

Touhami’s acute sense of design shines through in the brand’s packaged goods. Hand creams, alcohol-free fragrance and vintage-style soaps are covered in drawings reminiscent of 19th century France, when beauty had a magical quality. They make wonderful additions to a bathroom or boudoir display, and even better gifts for those who live outside the City of Lights.

Buly is a retour aux sources: a chic return to natural, simple ingredients for elegant beauty.

Photo credits: Buly


6 rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris
+33 1 43 29 02 50