Our CSR commitments

As a young company that is in tune with the times, environmental responsibility is at the heart of our CSR commitments, and we do our utmost to reduce our environmental impact.

Our Carbon Footprint

Our CO₂ emissions are 23% lower than those of our competitors on the New York-Paris route, according to AtmosFair and Google Flight’s carbon footprint review.

Our emissions total 1,044kg per passenger on that route, 23% lower than other airlines on the same route and with the same level of comfort.

From New-York to Nice, our emissions are 20% lower than other airlines in the same route and level of comfort with 1,230kg CO₂ per passenger.

On our New York -Milan route, we have managed to reduce emissions by 34%, to a total of 1,140 kg CO₂ per passenger, compared with 1,686kg CO₂ on average on that route.

We have recently renewed our fleet, with the latest generation aircraft (Airbus A321neo) and this is without a doubt the most important measure we have implemented when it comes to economic and environmental responsibility.

These aircraft are quieter, perform better and consume less fuel, allowing for a reduction in CO₂ emissions of up to 30% compared with our previous aircraft.

We are also using new sustainable aviation fuels from non-fossil sources. In addition, our excellent load factors on most of our flights contribute to minimizing CO2 emissions per passenger.

Our Onboard Commitment

To reduce our environmental impact, we have also rolled out the following onboard measures:


  • We have reduced plastic use as much as possible: all our meals are served in reusable dishes (porcelain, glass and with metal cutlery) while respecting the health and safety regulations that apply to airlines.
  • We limit food waste through strict management of food stocks.
  • We don’t offer printed press onboard. Instead, digital newspapers and magazines are available on our screens and through passengers’ devices connected to our Wi-Fi network.
  • Our organic wine list was developed by our partner Bettane+Dessauve and our committed chefs have devised menus favoring local and seasonal products.

Our Social Commitment

The Professional Equality Index was created as part of a September 2018 law that allows for the freedom to choose one’s professional future and is designed to help companies measure the wage gap between men and women, highlighting areas in which action can be taken.

We scored 89/100 in the Gender Equality Index in 2022, a six-point increase on our 2021 score.

In November 2022, we also joined and signed the 25by2025 initiative at The Wings of Change conference in Istanbul. This initiative is organized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), of which we are now a member, and aims to promote gender diversity in the airline industry by 2025 by increasing the representation of women in management positions and in areas in which they are underrepresented.


Today, with women making up 57% of our workforce and 50% of our Executive Committee, we are renewing our commitment to gender diversity within our airline.