The genius of the local craftsmen

Meeting craftsmen

When you see that making bread, baking a cake, brewing beer, creating chocolate fantasies are an art, a craft and above all a passion, you know you are walking the streets of old Antibes meeting with all the craftsmen that have made Antibes this paradise of arts and crafts. You can go on a gourmet tour with the tourist office and discover all these local legends such as Jean-Paul.  Not only is Jean-Paul Veziano a baker, he's also a philosopher whose fame and charisma have crossed the borders of our region a long time ago. He thinks, therefor he bakes. An international fame, a know-how and an imagination without limits, his bakery has been held from father to son or to daughter since 1924. His famous breads very often grace the tables of the palaces and Michelin star tables.. Some local specialties: pissaladière, chard pie and orange blossom fougasse.

Guided Tours of the City

The genius of the local craftsmen

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