Special services

Free of charge or paying options, there are many special services you can request before your flight. Have a look at all your options and make your choice.

You can request a Special assistance before and after your flight.
Thank you in advance for letting us know your request upon booking, via Manage My Booking section or by calling our team +1 800 218 8187 before your departure, so that we may help you organize your trip.

La Compagnie loves pets and wants to ensure we welcome them onboard under the best possible conditions.


Small dogs and cats (under 15 kg, or 33 lbs.) and dwarf rabbits can travel with you in the cabin at a fee equal to 10% of your ticket fare. To ensure they travel in comfort and safety, please make sure you reserve this unique service in advance as there are limited spaces, and that you meet the following requirements:

  • Each passenger in your party may travel with one pet.
  • You must book the service at least 48h before the departure of your flight and confirm by paying the fee corresponding to 10% of your ticket fare. You may make the booking online or by contacting our customer team.
  • Your pet must be at least 2 months old, must weigh less than 15kg (33 lbs) and be microchipped (this must be done before the rabies vaccination). All vaccination shall be up to date and effective. The anti-rabies vaccination is mandatory. In the case of a first anti-rabies vaccination, the vaccine is effective from 21 days after inoculation (vaccination counts as day 0 and not day 1) until 1 year.
  • The certificate of good health, must not be issued more than 10 days prior to the outbound journey and more than 15 days prior to the return journey. The certificate of good health is included in the passport and shall be filled before departure. 
  • All official documents confirming your pet’s compliance (pet passport or vaccination book) will be required and checked at the airport during check-in. In case of doubt, please check Iata’s animal regulations to find all required documents.
  • Your pet, dog or cat, must travel in an aerated pet carrier (21 ⅔ /13 ¾/ 9 ⅚ in) that will be stowed in front of your seat and remain inside of it during the whole flight.
  • Please note: The policy regarding the carriage of animals in the cabin only applies to flights operated by La Compagnie. For matching flights, please consult the specific conditions of the airline operating the flight.
  • Before boarding, you can take your pet to an "animal relief area" (areas where animals travelling in the cabin can relieve themselves). These areas are accessible:

    In Newark: in Terminal B on the south side "Immigration Hall"

    At Paris Orly: in Terminal 4, at gate 48

Dwarf rabbits must be placed in a hard plastic cage with an access hatch on the top which cannot be reached by the animal even when he is resting on his hind legs. The airy box must meet the Company’s standards, if considered unsatisfactory it’ll be refused onboard.

  • The pet carrier is counted as one personal item.
  • If you travel with your pet, you may not be seated in the exit row.

For the comfort of your pet and other passengers, a maximum of 3 pets are allowed on any given flight. When booking your pet option, you will be notified if we are able to welcome your pet or if the quota has been reached for the flight you are interested in booking.

La Compagnie will deny boarding to any passenger accompanied by a pet that does not comply with all the above rules.

Please note that due to the configuration of the cabin, if you fly with your pet, you won’t be able to enjoy the comfort of your seat in a fully reclined position.

Remark: La Compagnie’s pet policy only applies to La Compagnie’s flights. In case of connecting flights, please check the other airline policy.







As per official legislation from the US Department of Transportation (DOT), La Compagnie does not consider emotional support animals as service animals as of July 14th, 2021. For emotional support animals, you may travel with your pet in-cabin if he complies to the rules listed above.

La Compagnie only accepts service dogs that comply to the below rules, regardless of breed or type:

  • Each passenger can travel with a maximum of 2 service dogs.
  • You must inform our customer service at least 48h before your departure that you will be traveling with your service dog.
  • You must submit the DOT form for approval at least 48h before your flight’s departure attesting to the Training & Behavior of your service dog.
  • If you are traveling with a service dog, the dog must sit in the floor space in front of your assigned seat or within your ticketed personal space. The animal’s space may not extend into the aisles or into the foot space of adjacent travelers. You may use an approved in-cabin kennel for smaller dogs provided its use meets stowage requirements. Exit row seating is prohibited.
  • Any dog of more than 6 kg (13.2 lbs) not carried in a kennel must wear a muzzle.

La Compagnie will deny boarding to any passenger accompanied by a service dog who does not comply with the above rules.

Please note that due to the configuration of the cabin, if you fly with your service dog you won’t be able to enjoy the comfort of your seat in a fully reclined position.

For any additional information, please contact our customer service team: +1(800) 218 8187 / contact@lacompagnie.com

La Compagnie takes care of your children (from age 5 to 12 years old) throughout their travel experience. We make certain your kids enjoy their flight in safety and comfort from departure up until the moment their chosen relative comes and pick them up at arrival.


Your child will enjoy a personal escort at both airports as well as priority boarding so that he/she has plenty of time to settle in and feel at home onboard.

During the flight, your child can take advantage of our entertainment offer, available on personal touchscreen tablets, as well as exceptional business class comfort including a quality seasonal meal under the caring supervision of our hostesses and stewards. A special meal adapted to young children is available and can be ordered.


You can book an unaccompanied minor ticket by contacting our call center. To save time, La Compagnie suggests you prepare the following information:

  • Name, address and phone number of the individual bringing the child to the departure airport
  • Name, address and phone number of the individual picking the child up at the arrival airport

Please be aware that the check-in process must be completed at the check-in desk at least 50 minutes prior to departure. Once the booking is complete, we will provide you with all the necessary information concerning the time and place where our staff will welcome your child. Our staff will then escort your child to the aircraft.

Please remember to check-in any luggage your kid would not be able to carry by himself in the cabin.

A special meal adapted to young children is available and can be ordered. We invite you to make the request to our call center while booking the unaccompanied minor's flight.


We welcome children with disabilities under a certain set of conditions. Please contact our call center for more information.

In the event that a flight is canceled or delayed, your child will remain under the constant supervision of our team, even if accommodation is needed. Should this occur, the persons whose contact details were given during the booking process will be informed immediately.


To avoid last-minute stress, complete the "unaccompanied minor" form online.
You will need to provide this at the moment of checking in. You can download it from this page. Please print 3 copies of the travel documents before going to the airport.
Download the Unaccompanied minor form 
Dounwload the Disclamer form

You can order a special meal, simply make the request when booking or no later than 51 hours before your flight in the Manage my booking section or by contacting our customer team. You'll have the choice among the options below:

  • Gluten free meal
  • Meal for diabetics
  • Muslim meal
  • Kosher meal
  • Asian vegetarian meal
  • Hindu meal
  • Vegetarian meal
  • Lacto vegetarian meal
  • Low lactose meal
  • Low salt meal
  • Baby meal
  • Child meal

To see the composition of special meals, visit this page (.pdf, 58kb).

We love sports ! Whether you love surf, ski, ride a bike or golf, La Compagnie invites you to travel with your sports equipment* at no extra charge**.

Passengers have to make sure that their equipment does not exceed the maximum allowance. La Compagnie has the right to refuse equipment.

*Golf bags, bike, surfboard, skis.
** No extra charge for 1 sports equipment per passenger

For any specific request about your equipment, you may contact our team at +1 800 218 8187