Ramen scents in Williamsburg

The tranquility of this brand new Williamsburg Japanese restaurant may seem suspicious on a Saturday night. And yet, what awaits you is pure pleasure for your taste buds. Specializing in ramen cuisine, Samourai Papa offers this noodle soup with pork, chicken or vegan. Presented in a beautiful bowl, it consists of tasty pasta, vegetables and spices dosed according to your desire. You can dilute the preparation as you wish with a scented broth. There are also other Japanese dishes on the menu such as sushi shots made of rice and raw fish and served in a glass. Let yourself be tempted by one of the house cocktails. We recommend the one with yuzu (we recommend anything with yuzu!).

The decor is basic and the small size of the establishment (about fifteen seats) gives it a charming character. You can enjoy your meal at the bar or at one of the tables where it is easier to engage in conversation with your neighbors. The welcome you will recieve and the friendliness of the servers is really appreciated!


32 Varet St, Brooklyn
11206 New York