Hybrid boutique in Williamsburg

Space Ninety 8 is a heterogeneous, dynamic shop in Williamsburg and not to be missed, even for a local. Plan to spend several hours exploring the many nooks and crannies of this five-story shop, featuring Urban Outfitters clothing racks, vinyl stacks and cosmetics aplenty. From oil with rose petals to lemon-scented water from Somalia, original gift ideas are not lacking.

On the fashion side, you will find all the classic pieces that should already be a part of your wardrobe: denim shorts, the perfect skin jacket or a panoply of the 90s. Renewal Urban also offers pieces made from recycled materials such as ponchos made from wool. The place also hosts other designers' creations in the form of pop-up shops so you can discover new pieces. Yoga classes, aromatherapy and beard care classes are also organized.

Maybe you'll end your exploration stopping by the bar or the Israeli BBQ on the top floor.


98 N 6th St, Brooklyn
11249 New York
+1 718 599 0209