Flaveur is  considered one of the best gastronomic restaurants on the French Riviera, Gaël and Mickaël received their 2nd Michelin star in 2018. They are sharing their Mediterranean cuisine with you, the secrets of which only they possess! 

Above all it's a story of passion and family. Gaël and Mickaël Tourteaux, two Nissart brothers, play like Siamese a four-handed score in the kitchen. Different and complementary, they have both made their mark in major gastronomic houses (such as Negresco alongside Alain Llorca or in Michel Del Burgo's teams).
Nourished by a childhood in Guadeloupe and a taste for travel, the Tourteaux brothers dare  with accuracy all the melodies of flavours.
A kitchen that looks like them and brings them together.



25 rue Gubernatis
06000 Nice