Atelier des Lumières

Atelier des Lumières

Paris’ First Digital Museum of Fine Art

It may be the hottest ticket in town. The Atelier des Lumières (Workshop of Light) opened spring 2018, and Paris has never seen anything like it. Described by its producer Culturespaces as “an immersive art experience,” it’s essentially art depicted through a sound and light show.

Set up in a refurbished factory in the 11th arrondissement, the cavernous concrete and steel space with 30-foot tall white walls hosts the show. Images flash around the room, with paintings floating into the space and coming into focus before dissolving for another to come in its wake. Music plays to match the paintings, and soon you're fully immersed in the art.

This year’s program features Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. There are also two shorter programs, one on the Viennese painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser and an experimental piece designed by computer algorithm. Tickets cost 14.50€. It’s advised to buy them online ahead of time. Show times, directions, and more information about the program can be found on the Atelier website. 

Image: Culturespaces/Facebook

Atelier des Lumières

38 Rue Saint-Maur
75011 Paris